Hot Tub Comparisons In 2020

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There are several hot tub brands that exist in the hot tub industry but you have to have a thorough research of hot tub comparisons to get the best one with the lowest cost possible.

For getting a hot tub that fulfills your need you have to do hot tub comparisons between various hot tub brands out there.

Hot Tub Comparison Chart
Hot Tub Comparison Chart

You will also get to know about what to compare in a hot tub with this post so stay tuned with us.

Hot Tub Comparisons

To make it easy for you we have a hot tub comparison chart that helps you for getting a hot tub that values your money.

In this Hot Tub Comparison chart you will find all these:

  • Hot Tubs Price Comparison.
  • Hot Tub Insulation Comparison.
  • Hot Tub Brand Comparison.
  • Hot Tub Comparison Rating.
  • Hot Tub Massage Jets Comparisons.
  • Hot Tub Brand Warranty.
  • Shell Material Comparison.
  • Pool Finish Comparison.
  • And lastly Our Brand Rating.

Hot Tub Comparison Chart

BrandShell or SurfaceInsulation TypeJet TypesWarrantyPrice Range
Cal Spas
Acrylic Shell MaterialFull Cabinet Foam InsulationSaperate Control
of each Jet.
Lifetime Warranty on selected features.
10 or 5 yrs on shell and
plumbing and equipment.
Price range up to $2,999.00 – $20,000.00
Hot Spring Spas
Thermoplastic, Acrylic
Fully insulated with multi-density layers of closed-cell foamAadjustable every jet with Rotary jets Feature.No leak and cabinet warranty. 7 yrs for surface, 5 yrs for components and heater water.$5,995.00 – $13,995.00
Arctic Spas
Acrylic & hand-rolled fiberglass Material TubsPolyurethane, high density sprayed perimeter HeatLock insulation.Offers shoulder and neck jets on all models. Adjust any jet.Lifetime on shell structure, 5 or 10 years on parts & labor.$3895 – $16,000
Canadian Spa Company
Acrylic Shell Material.Fully insulated with high-density closed-cell foam.All adjustable direction, Interchangeable, and volume System Jet.10 or 2 years for surface/structural and components, heater.$2,995 – $14,500
Bullfrog Spas
Made Shell With Acrylic MaterialFull Foam InsulationYou can choose from 16 different Jetpacks.Lifetime warranty on EnduraFrame. 10 or 7 yrs on shell structure, shell surface and 5 yrs on equipment, and JetPak Therapy System.$5,000.00 – $15,000.00
Price range
Hydropool Hot Tubs

Made spas with Acrylic materialFull Foam InsulationIndividual control of each jet.10 years warranty on structure, 5 years on surface, and 3 years on equipment$5995- $18,800
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
ProEndure synthetic wood materialFull-foam insulation.Various types of jets available such as Whirl Jet, Luxury Jet, Pulsator, Mini Jet, Euro Jet, and Euro Direct Jet.10 or 7 yrs warranty on Shell Structure or Shell Surface 5 yrs for other equipment.$5,720 – $16,600
Saratoga Spas
They made spas with Acrylic, Thermoplastic Material.Full cabinet Insulation with foam.Separate control for each Jet.7 years warranty on structure and finish, 5 years parts and laborPrice range up to $3,295.00 – $8,995.00
Sundance Spas
Vacuum molded of high-quality, long-lasting acrylic materialFull-foam insulation with two different types of foam.Sundance exclusive Fluidix jet technology.10 or 7 yrs on Spa Shell and Surface, 5 years Equipment & Controls, Cabinet, Plumbing, Jets warranty.Price range $5,600 – $16,890
Thermo Spas
They Made hot tub with Continuous Cast Acrylic material.High-density insulator Thermo Panels.Individual control for each Jet.Warranty 20 Year on Structural, 10 yrs Shell Surface, 10 Year Equipment and Electronics, 3 Year Cabinets.$4995 – $32,000
BrandShell MaterialInsulation TypeJet TypeWarrantyPrice Range
Hot Tub Comparisons Chart


I’m sure that in future you won’t face any confusion about what are the best hot tub or in comparing hot tubs after this post.

Also, I pretty sure that there in the above hot tub comparison chart I have included almost all the essential feature that needs to compare while purchasing a hot tub. (if there is something left out, let me know)

I hope this Hot Tub Comparison post has helped you in many ways and you have selecte a good hot tub brand.

If you have any queries or suggestion feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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