7 Step Hot Tub Buying Guide Checklist – (Updated) September 2020

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Buying a hot tub can be tedious if you don’t pay attention to the right things, So we made a 7 step Hot Tub Buying Guide help you to make your decision. So follow along with this hot tub buying guide and make your decision wisely for inflatable hot tubs.

There is no rocket science behind buying the best hot tub all you have to do is keep in the mind our 8 step buying guide. Include water pump, jets types, seats, water treatment system, insulation, accessories all these things when buying a hot tub.

A right hot tub will give you the best spa experience.

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7 Step Hot Tub Buying Guide Checklist

Well, if you are planning To buy a hot tub then you might be having some questions like how to buy a perfect hot tub? what to look for when buying a hot tub? etc.

So to help you on the way I have prepared a 7 step hot tub buying guide checklist. Here are all the 7 factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing the best hot tub that meets your needs:

  1. Hydro Jet Types.
  2. Hot Tub Material.
  3. Tub Seat Options.
  4. Hot Tub Accessories.
  5. Tub Insulation Material.
  6. Water Filter Systems.
  7. Hot Tub Ambiance Options.

Let’s move forward to each step in details step by step:

Hot Tub Jet Types

Good hot tub jets will give you high-pressure massage to muscles and stimulate the blood circulation in the body.

Overall water jets play the game changer role in the hot tub when choosing a hot tub. Good placements of jets are very important in a hot tub like jets should be strategically positioned in order to give the best spa massage or water therapy to your body.

choosing best jet type hot tub
Hot Tub Jets Type

Here we have mentioned common types of hot tub jets:

  1. Multi massage jets: Multi massage jets have water pressure from multiple jet streams.
  2. Shower jets: Shower jets provide a gentle stream of relaxing pressure.
  3. Directional jets: you can adjust directional jets in any direction.
  4. Target therapy jets: As the name of target therapy these jets can target any point in the body and take a spa therapy.
  5. Pulsator jets: Pulsator jets feature two or more holes that alternate the water pressure from different points.
  6. Pressure point jets: As the name of Pressure point jets these jets provide acupressure-like massage to muscles for instant relive.
  7. Foot jets: The main work of foot jets are these jets give you water therapy from different angles to your foot.
  8. Rotary jets: Rotary jets rotate water pressure in a circular pattern.
  9. Kneading oscillator jets: Kneading oscillator jets provide you kneading therapy and spa massage.

So Jets can play a major role while buying a hot tub. So you just need to pay attention over this.

Hot Tub Materials

When buying a hot tub one thing that matters most that are the material your hot tub made with.

Your hot tub’s exterior is the main part that everyone sees it.

Exterior cabinets are available in a variety of materials such as design, patterns, color, and texture.

When you consider a hot tub you must have a look for the hot tub material.

Look for exterior cabinets features like weatherproof or UV-resistant materials have used or not.

For extreme durability, you should definitely go for Acrylic and Rotomolded hot tubs.

Getting a hot tub that made with solid and best quality materials saves your money and time in maintenance after the purchase and this is very important.

Hot Tub Seats

Seats are the main considerable thing when buying the best hot tub for your needs.

Hot tub seats play the most important role in order to have a great therapy or relaxation.

You need a comfortable seating posture that meets your comfortability criteria. For a comfortable seating posture, you will need a great seat for seating.

Find out which types of seats may suites you:

  1. Therapeutic comfort seats: Therapeutic comfort seats provide you extra massage points, points like at the back, shoulders, and neck.
  2. Contour seats: These seats feature armrests, neck rests and massage support.
  3. Pivot seats: Pivot seats let you change your position to have a massage that meets your needs.
  4. Cool-down seats: These seats help your body to remain partly out of the water.
  5. Barrier-free seats: Barrier-free seats allow your comfortable seating position without any problem.
  6. Bench seats: bench seat features one contoured seat with has bench seating around it.
  7. Lounge seats: With Lounge seats, you can experience your body weight an almost weightless feeling. Lounge seats are perfect for those who are seeking a relaxing experience.

Hot Tub Accessories

how to choose best Hot Tub Accessories
Hot Tub Accessories

Check how much accessories a hot tub has when buying a hot tub.

Many hot tub accessories are available in the market to decorate your hot tub. You can decorate your hot tub with the help of Spa steps, cover, pillows and many more.

  • Hot tub Surrounds: Many hot tub brands sell hot tub accessories so you can add components like seats, benches, storage, and tables around your hot tub. So you can customize your hot tub surround area with these accessories.
  • Hot tub cover: A hot tub cover is the most important accessories of a hot tub. When your hot tub not in use you can cover your hot tub with its cover. Hot tub cover prevents your tub from dust, leaves and also helps to keeps water clean.
  • Spa pillows: Hot tub spa pillows will help you to make your hot tub extremely comfortable. Hot tub pillows are usually made with rubberized plastic.
  • Spa steps: With the help of Spa steps you can easily get in or out of your hot tub. Many hot tub brands sell spa steps for their hot tub.
  • Gazebo or pergola: A gazebo or pergola makes the privacy of your hot tub. A gazebo is a free-standing structure with a roof. Pergolas are open structures with vertical posts and open-lattice roofing.
  • Cover lifter: Usually hot tub covers are heavy to lift. So this is where a hot tub cover lifter comes, cover lifter makes this task easy.

Hot Tub Insulation

Give the priority to hot tub insulation when choosing the best hot tub for your needs.

Hot tub insulation is a key feature of any hot tub because it keeps your hot tub water hot and protects some of the major components of the hot tub.

Quality insulation makes your hot tub last longer.

Expert suggests staying away from foam insulation because it can quickly become waterlogged. There are three types of insulation are available in the market partial, barrier and foam insulation.

Water Filter Systems

A water filter system in hot tub plays the main role in order to have a long life of your hot tub.

Leave filters that made with cotton or paper blends because they need to replace them on a regular basis.

For easy water filtration, you should use a suction type filter. Filtration captures the visible debris floating on the water surface, and also it catches micro-organisms that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Usually, pressure-type filter systems use in the most premium hot tubs because they are the most effective water filter system in the market.

Cartridge filters are a popular choice for pressure filtration systems because they are so easy to maintain filters.

Hot Tub Ambiance Options

This one is the essential point of our hot tub buyers guide.

When buying a hot tub one thing you should definitely pay attention which is the ambiance options of a hot tub. All hot tub comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns ambiance.

You can add some of the ambiance options after buying your hot tub.

The popular add-ons are floating games, fountains, LED light strips, waterfalls, cup holders, and speakers.

  1. Floating games: You can play checkers, chess, backgammon, and playing cards all games are available waterproof versions. Floating games can double your hot tub fun experience.
  2. Decorative lighting: Lighting can create a relaxing, exciting, and energetic ambiance. Decorative lighting can be placed above or below the water or around the rim of the tub. you can add led strips even if you have built-in lighting features.
  3. Hot tub speakers: If you get bore with a silent water environment you can add some music by a speaker. A waterproof speaker can easily fit in your cup holder. Speakers can easily connect to your devices by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so you can listen to music, and increase your hot tub fun.
  4. Cup holders: Most of the cup holders come with a hot tub seat or armrest. Usually, hot tub cup holders are waterproof and inflatable. If you don’t have a cup holder with your hot tub you can buy from the market or websites like Amazon.

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What to look for when buying a hot tub

What to look for in a hot tub

When buying a hot tub there are many factors you should consider. Almost every feature that needs a buyer’s attention has already been described in this hot tub buying guide.

To summarize this hot tub buying guide I can say you should be more aware of the jet system, filtration, insulation of hot tub.


So, I have laid out the most important factors that help you buying a hot tub that can fulfill your needs.

I hope now you will understand how to buy a hot tub as you desire. One thing always keeps in mind that is price doesn’t reflect the quality of anything.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to buying a hot tub, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Let me know how you find this hot tub buying guide helpful, is there anything you want me to include.

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