Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Seats: (No, But There’s a solution…)

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Inflatable hot tubs have become very popular and in high demand over the years. Why? Because it has proven to be budget-friendly, extremely easy to pack up, and perfect for soaking and relaxing in the backyard on a lazy day. Whatever the reason might be, it’s definitely worth getting one.

But, a lot of people don’t know if this type of hot tubs comes with seats or not. So, do inflatable hot tubs have seats?

No, inflatable hot tubs do not have seats, they do not come with seats. However, the absence of seats does not make them rigid and uncomfortable. On the contrary, it’s the opposite.  They have been padded and designed in a way that makes it comfortable to sit in it all day and relax.

Nevertheless, you can always get a separate hot tub seat if you feel it’s more comfortable for you and the good news is that you can always move the seats anywhere you like in the hot tub since it isn’t fixed.

Are Separate Hot Tub Seats Worth It?

Yes, hot tub seats are worth it, clearly, because it provides more comfort, it provides a variety of seating positions, and most importantly, it assists in improving one’s posture. You should definitely get one.

As stated earlier, inflatable hot tubs do not come with seats but separate seats can be bought. However, note that there are several cheap hot tub seats out there on the internet that causes more harm than good so you have to be aware when getting yourself one.

What’s So Good About Hot Tub Seats?

There you have it. The pros!  What do you think? Are they worth it?

You can get your separate spa seats at online stores or some walk-in stores but whatever you do, ensure that you are getting the perfect seats by making sure that the model numbers fit.

However, there are some seats that can fit with most brands and there are also particular branded hot tub seats that can fit with all types of hot tubs for that particular brand. Be careful when buying.

Hot tub seats are very affordable. The price ranges but, you can get an average spa seat for as low as $30, an expensive one for as low as $80, and even cheaper ones for $10 and less. Try not to get the extra cheaper ones because they can end up becoming a great nuisance.

What’s Bad About Hot Tub Seats?

The major con of having hot tub seats is space. It takes up space and reduces the number of people that can be in the tub at a time. However, while this can be a major concern. It’s not to be forgotten that the seats are removable and hence can be removed when needed.

This will be a huge challenge if you have a large family or have friends that show up at your house to relax and get comfortable.

For example, with hot tub seats, you can sit with 3 people but without a seat, you can sit out with a higher number.

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Can You Put Seats in an Inflatable Hot Tub?

Yes, you can buy separate inflatable hot tub seats and place them inside the hot tub. These seats will help you to enjoy the hot tub more and will give you a comfortable experience. 

But, don’t think of the seats as the dinner table seats. The inflatable hot tubs come in a different shape, usually in a ‘pillow” shape. Their height is 15cm, and they are easily removed/placed.  Most of the time, the inflatable hot tubs are slip-resistant, and that makes them more comfortable.

Inflatable hot tub seats will stay at the bottom of the spa and don’t take a lot of space. You can easily place up to 5 different seats in the same inflatable hot tub.

How to Find the Perfect Inflatable Hot Tub Seats?

There are three ways I would recommend for finding the perfect inflatable hot tub seat.

The first is what I like to call:

Triple R contains three steps to find the perfect inflatable hot tub seats, they include:

Step 1: Research

Google is called our best friend for a reason, Why? Because you can search for anything on google and get an answer. That’s exactly what you are going to do first.

You are going to research by simply asking google simple questions like the best brand of hot tub seats, best affordable hot tub seat.

Research and make sure your keywords are the same as what you are really searching for. Some keywords include affordable, best, quality, etc.

Step 2: Ratings

After searching, you’d probably be redirected to online stores. If you do not find yourself redirected to these online stores, do not fret! Just type in the brands or the names of the perfect hot tub seats you have seen online.

Now, it’s time to streamline your options and while doing this, you have to get rid of choices that don’t feel as great as the picture or the personal review. This is where ratings come in, go through the ratings, and go with the choices that have the best ratings.

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Step 3: Reviews

Now, you’d probably be left with 2,3,5, or even 1 choice but before making a decision to purchase the product, read the reviews.

Ratings can be deceiving but reviews are where you would find out honest responses, so go ahead and read the reviews then, make your decision based on the product you think had the best review.

After deciding based on those points above, it should be easier for you to make a decision but, if you are still finding it a huge task to make a choice, then you can ask your spouse or friend for their opinion.

What You Should Expect to Come With Your Inflatable Hot Tub?

After purchasing your inflatable hot tub, here is the list of items that should come from such a purchase.

Other items that might come with your inflatable hot tub are an insulated ground mat, chemical floater, repair kit, etc.

Now, let’s take a quick look at a few tips on how to maintain your inflatable hot tub after setting it up.

Did I speak explicitly on Inflatable Hot Tub Seats?

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