Best Inflatable Hot Tubs Review Consumer Reports (September 2020)

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After spending lots of effort and time we have found the top rated 9 best Inflatable hot tubs In 2020 that values your money and they won’t let you down.

An Inflatable Hot Tub is more convenient compare to a real Jacuzzi hot tub. These hot tubs become more popular as a practical alternative to the hot tubs or spas.

In our list, we have shortlisted the best Inflatable Hot Tub with a mindset that each of our selections meets the criteria of everyone. So, that whoever reads this post apart from you should also able to find the best portable hot tub for him/her.

We have categorized each of the inflatable hot tubs by their best in the class feature but all of these are feature-loaded like we have the Best Rated, Portable Hot Tub With Real Water Jets, Best In The Budget, Best in 4 Person, Best Inflatable Hot tub For All-Season, Best in 6 Person, best hot tub with underwater LED Light and all that.

Without further do and wasting your time here is the quick headshot of our selection. (Yes! we’ll go into the details also)

9 Best Rated Inflatable Hot Tub
9 Best Inflatable Hot Tub

Find out which type of inflatable hot tub suits you:

1. Best Rated Inflatable Hot Tub: Intex PureSpa Review

Intex has introduced their best hot tub known as PureSpa inflatable hot tub this is the hot tub that deserves the first position in our list because of its durability, affordability, least maintenance and budget-friendly nature.

  • Seating Capacity: 4-6 People.
  • Water Capacity: 290 Gallons.
  • Water Temperature Range: 68F-104F degrees.
  • 140 high-powered bubble jets.
  • Model Number: 28407E
Intex PureSpa 77in Hot Tub
Customer Rating

There are two different color choices available in the Pure Spa model that is white or tan color. It has come to an unique round shape design. This hot tub has 2910+ positive customer rating on Aamzon.

Intex Pure spa has a built-in hard water system this will prove very helpful for those who live in hard water areas. This system softens the water for longevity of the internal system of Intex Pure Spa and also it is very important for your skin.

This Intex champ equipped with a digital control display that makes it easy to operate. This control display placed right next to the user.

From the display, you can adjust the water temperature and can control its 140 air jet for different types of massage.

Purespa 77in features

Intex pure Spa Inflatable hot tub is made from fiber-tech construction and puncture-resistant material that is extremely durable and offers the ultimate comfort and support making it the best inflatable hot tub for winter.

And also fiber-tech construction offers superior structural stability.

When you buy the Intex pure Spa inflatable hot tub, in addition, you will receive an insulated cover to prevent heat loss in cold weather and also secure the top from unwanted dust and leaves. Two filter cartridges and a floating chlorine dispenser also delivered to ensure the cleanliness of the hot tub.

  • Available in 2 colors
  • Easy to setup
  • Built-in hard water treatment system
  • Easy to control with digital display
  • 140 bubble air-jets
  • 4-6 Person seating capacity
  • Comes with cover for insulation and security
  • Filters and chlorine dispensers, pH test strips also come with the package.
  • Jets are a little bit less powerful

2. Intex Pure Spa 6-Person: Best 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

With over 910+ positive customer reviews with 4 average star ratings on Amazon, Intex pure spa 6-person is the best 6 person inflatable hot tub that comes with proper seats placed.

  • Built-in hard water treatment system
  • Soft Cushioned headrests
  • 170 high powered bubble jets
  • 85 Inches Diameter
Intex PureSpa 6 Person
User’s Rating

This is one of the fully feature loaded inflatable hot tubs at a highly affordable price.

When it comes to comfortability we can’t ignore its soft cushioned floor. Cushioned headrests also give you a satisfying and more relaxing experience.

  • Another one more attracting feature of Intex Pure Spa 6-Person 28409e is its 170 air jets which are placed in 85 inches of diameter at the bottom of the hot tub.
  • The portable hot tub can hold up to 290 gallons of water and comes with a 1,300W heater which is very powerful this heater can heat 290 gallons water up to 2F per hour.

This 6 person portable hot tub is very easy to set up and assemble this spa can be set in outdoor or indoor. It would hardly take your 15 to 20 minutes to fully inflate.

With its carry bag, you can bring this anywhere with you and your family on a lovely vacation. This Intex hot tub made with a durable Fiber-Tech technology which makes it puncture-resistant.

If you are living in a hard water area then this hot tub by Intex is the best option. Thanks to its salt water system.

Its built-in hard water treatment system creates an electromagnetic field in the water which turns the calcium and other minerals in the water into crystals. So, it prevents your body from hard water damages.

PureSpa 6 person features

With the touchable control display, it becomes easy to use. You can activate all the 170 soothing bubble jets that surround the interior of the Intex spa and you can adjust the temperature from inside the tub.

Intex Pure Spa 6 person package delivered with a carry bag which is provided for easy storage and transport. It also features seats and two Headrests.

Other accessories include a lockable lid and four replacement filter cartridges.

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • 170 powerful massage air jets
  • Easy-to-use control panel.
  • Easy to transport with provided carry bag.
  • Built in Hardwater System.
  • Puncture-resistant material.
  • Insulated lockable lid
  • Floating chemical dispenser
  • Takes time to heat the water due to its large capacity.
  • No under water led light.
  • Not comes with the maintenance accessories.

3. Coleman SaluSpa: Best 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

With an average 4.0-star rating with 2530+ positive customer reviews, this is the best inflatable hot tub in the market after Intex pure Spa. Let’s move forward to the Lay-Z-Spa review:

  • Temperature range up to 104° F
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Cushioned Air Pad Floor
  • Instant Inflates and Use
Coleman Saluspa with 4 Person Hot Tub
Lay Z Spa Customer’s Rating

Let’s analyze the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa or Coleman Saluspa about what this Inflatable hot tub has for you. It’s Highly Efficient Design can attract anyone to buy it. Lay-Z-Spa has Air Jets and Padded Floors gives comfort for extreme relaxation.

  • The Coleman SaluSpa puncture-resistant exterior is made with a TriTech 3 ply reinforced material, featuring a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC, which gives it to extra strength and durability.

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa hot tub features a Digital Control Panel with an automatic Start/Stop timer-controlled heating system.

Just set the temperature you desire and activate the massage system for a relaxing and comfortable spa experience. You can access the control panel even from inside the hot tub so you don’t have to step out to regulate your Coleman Saluspa.

  • It also features a cushioned air pad floor that sits underneath the spa for better thermal insulation, protection against air leaks, and improved comfort.

It has a capacity of 254 gallons of water and can use by 4-6 people. The Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub inflates in just a few minutes and easy to setup with the included pump and hose. With its Insulation, it can maintain its water temperature for some time.

  • Totally worth it.
  • Insulation blanket included.
  • Cushioned air pad floor.
  • Heats up to 104 degrees in no time.
  • Instant inflates.
  • Side Handles for easy transportation.
  • Not enough space for 6 people means more comfortable with 4 person
  • No built in seats.

Overall Coleman SaluSpa is the best inflatable hot tub for 4 person you can consider in 2020.

4. Best Square Inflatable Hot Tub: Coleman SaluSpa

With over 555+ average 4.5 star ratings on Amazon this Coleman Saluspa square is the best square-shaped inflatable hot tub available in the market. It has 4 people seating capacity with complete portability so you can take it with you on your vacations or relax at home.

  • 114 Air Jets.
  • Square Shaped
  • soft-touch digital control panel
  • 2 different color options: Blue and Gray
Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person Square Portable Hot Tub
Customer’s Rating

No matter whether indoor or outdoor wherever you are willing to set up this portable spa this can be used for both the places.

Just a few minutes it will take for full inflation. Saluspa’s rapid heating system quickly heats the water up to a soothing 104F degrees. With its digital control panel, you can adjust the temperature and 114 surrounding air jets without getting out of the tub.

  • Coleman Salu spa Square Package will be delivered with a Pool cover, spa pump, chemical floater, pool liner, 2 filter cartridges, air pad protector, repair kit, and an AirJet system with all these things. A Pool cover will be helpful to insulate and cover the hot tub you when you are not using the hot tub.
SaluSpa Square digital control panel
Soft Touch Digital Control Panel

With the help of a soft-touch digital control panel, you can easily regulate the temperature and air-jet from inside the pool. The Coleman Saluspa made with TriTech 3 ply inflated walls for extra durability and comfort.

The sturdy I Beam construction that lets you sit on the sidewalls of the spa thanks to the superior structural stability.

Coleman Saluspa package also delivered with a chemical floater to keep your hot tub clean, a twin pack of filter cartridges, and an inflatable cover to keep your water warm when you’re not using it.

  • Square-shaped inflatable hot tub
  • Up to 4 people can sit comfortably
  • It comes with a pool cover, spa pump, chemical floater, pool liner.
  • Features a soft-touch digital control panel.
  • It can use indoor or outdoor.
  • 114 surrounding air jets.
  • No built-in seats.
  • Little bit expensive but worth it.

If you want a hot tub in a square shape with all features then this is the hot tub you are looking for.

5. Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii: Best Hydro Jets Inflatable Hot Tub With Real Water Jets

Bestway Saluspa Hawaii Inflatable spa has Real Water Jets that make this hot tub stands out from other inflatable hot tubs. One advantage of hydro jets is they don’t cool the water quickly as compare to air jets.

  • Hydrojet Nozzles.
  • Superior Strength and Durability
  • TriTech 3-ply reinforced material
  • Digital Control Panel
SaluSpa Hawaii Real Hydro Jet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub
Customer Reports

Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub can instant inflate with using the spa’s pump. No tools or professionals are needed to set up this hot tub. This portable spa can easily be set-up at indoors or outdoors within a few minutes.

  • Saluspa Hawaii comes with a built-in saltwater system and a rapid heating system that fills your every need everything you look for in a standard hot tub at an affordable price. The built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on the skin for a soothing experience.
Saluspa Hawaii hydro jets
Hawaii Hydro Jet

The SaluSpa Hawaii comes with 8 adjustable HydroJets as well as 114 soothing air jets. Its 8 powerful hydro jets are powered by a strong built-in water pump. This portable spa features a Digital Control Panel with an automatic Start/Stop timer-controlled heating system. All you need to do is just set the temperature you desire and activate the SaluSpa HydroJet System for a relaxation.

  • The SaluSpa Hawaii’s puncture-resistant exterior is made with a TriTech 3-ply reinforced material, featuring a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC, for extra strength and durability.

There is one more variant Bestway Saluspa comes in called Saluspa Hawaii air-jet you can also consider this variant of Bestway Saluspa this is much cheaper than Hydro jet version.

  • Air-cushioned floor
  • Convenient drain valve
  • 2 easy-lift handles for easy portability.
  • Comes with Filter cartridge
  • pressure gauge
  • Features A chemical floater.
  • Only 4 people can sit comfortably
  • Expensive but have real hydro jet

If you want to experience a real hydro jet Jacuzzi in inflatable or portable spa then this hot should be on your priority choice.

6. Bestway Saluspa Miami: Best Budget Inflatable Hot Tub

This is the best pocket-friendly budget portable hot tub available in the market. SaluSpa Miami air-jet has a capacity of 4 people. Without getting late let’s move forward to what Sauluspa Miami air-jet offers you:

  • Ground Fault Detection System.
  • Power Saving Timer.
  • No Tools Needed For Set up.
  • Quick Installation.
Bestway SaluSpa Miami
1402+ Positive Customer Rating

The Saluspa Miami has a diameter of 71-inches, has a height of 26-inches and can hold 177 gallons of warm water when you fully inflate it. It’s easy to set up nature lets you set this spa outdoor and indoor within a few minutes without the help of any professionals and tools.

This inflatable spa has 120 air jets to soak sore muscles for a luxurious treat. You don’t have to step out to adjust water temperature, water flow, and all that. A power-saving timer can automate the temperature of the spa up to 72 hours in advance that will help you to decrease your electricity bill.

Bestway Saluspa Miami spa Freeze Shield sensor feature prevents water from freezing and damaging the inner parts of the spa.

Saluspa Miami Features
  • It’s puncture-resistant tri-tech material and I-beam construction ensures that hot tub never loses its shape and stability even when people sit on the side walls. You can use its side handles to transport this hot tub easily.

Miami hot tub’s inflatable walls are made with durable, drop stitch material to prevent damage. The walls are supported by thousands of interwoven fine threads.

This inflatable Jacuzzi (hot tub) has a Rapid Heating System that will allow the water temperature to increase rapidly. This feature makes it ready not just quickly, but also safely. It can be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which is best for relaxing.

  • AirJet bubbles are released from the bottom of the spa to create a warm, bubbling and hot tub environment. These soothing bubbles will help you relax and unwind.

Don’t worry about water freshness because SaluSpa Miami portable hot tub comes with a water filtration system and a chemical floater.

  • Rapid heating system.
  • Maintain water quality with water treatment system.
  • Instant Inflate and easy to move with handles.
  • Automatic Timer and water temperature
  • 120 air jet provides massage sensation.
  • Best Hot Tub in Budget Segment
  • Delivers only air bubbles and not water jet.
  • Decent enough space.

I hope now you know everything about Saluspa Miami. this is really a great Inflatable hot tub and worth it.

7. Best 4 Season Inflatable Hot tub: Bestway Helsinki Air Jet Hot Tub

With a unique design of modern wooden panel print, Bestway Saluspa Helsinki is the best option for 4 seasons hot tub compare to other inflatable hot tubs available in the market.

  • Tri-tech material and I-beam construction.
  • Simple setup and maintenance
  • 83 Powerfull Air Jets
  • Unique wooden print design
  • 7 Person Seating Capacity
  • All season hot tub even use in winter
Bestway Helsinki AirJet 7 Person
315+ Customer Reports

You can inflate and deflate Helsinki with the spa’s own pump within a few minutes. An insulation cover comes with to provide safety, maintain the water’s warm temperature, and keeps the water Clean from rain or Leaves.

Helsinki can also be placed at both Indoor or outdoor conditions.

The digital control panel of Saluspa Helsinki allows you to change the water temperature (68 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and the flow of the jets without exiting the tub. A power-saving timer can automate the temperature of the spa up to 72 hours in advance.

With 83 air jets lined up blowing air, provide relaxation to all the body muscles. The air bubble massage jets are located within the bottom of the tub. The Helsinki can hold 4-6 people capacity, which means it has a family-friendly nature. It’s also wide enough for you to spread your legs when sitting alone.

Saluspa Helsinki Box

You can transport Helsinki Inflatable hot tub with the help of handles that are given on the side walls. Without any extra tools or professionals help this spa can setup in either indoor or outdoor.

Helsinki comes with a Built-In water clear soft softening system that reduces the effects of hard water, like spa staining or skin irritation.

  • Moreover, it’s integrated with a ChemConnect dispenser, which releases chlorine when needed to maintain the water’s cleanness.
  • Digital control panel
  • Power saving timer
  • Stylish
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Built-In clear, soothing massage system.
  • Easy to setup
  • Low maintenance.
  • Has a unique design
  • Little bit expensive but worth it`
  • Non-durable

Overall this eye-catching hot tub is best for those who want an all-season hot tub, especially for the winter season.

8. Bestway Paris Air Jet Hot Tub | Lay-Z-Spa Paris: Inflatable hot tub with underwater LED Light

Bestway SaluSpa Paris or Lay-Z-Spa Paris is a very popular hot tub, especially between spa party lovers. Its LED light show feature makes it the best inflatable hot tub with underwater LED light. That’s why we added this hot tub in our best inflatable hot tub list.

  • 7 Colour LED light show
  • Easy to set up and low maintenance
  • I-beam construction
  • Quick water heating
Lay -Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub with LED Lights
217+ Customer Ratings

SaluSpa Paris or Lay-Z-Spa Paris can easily accommodate 4-6 people with its diameter of 77 inches. This amazing LED light hot tub can easily use at both indoor or outdoor.

There is no extra tools needed to set up this portable spa. Quickly inflate with the spa’s own pump. Bestway Paris Air Jet Hot Tub delivered with a reinforced cover with safety lock clips and a built-in air chamber for heat insulation that covers your spa when not in use.

Lay z spa Paris light colours

Let’s move forward to the main Highlight of this inflatable hot tub is its LED light show. The LED strip can be controlled via remote and it seems very beautiful in the dark. You can set the light colors according to your mood in 7 different changing colors.

  • This is the wow factor of the Lay-Z-Spa Paris inflatable hot tub.

You don’t have to get out of the tub to regulate the temperature and bubble massage system thanks to its easy to reach the digital control panel. Saluspa Paris’s quick heating system gets to a maximum of 104F quickly.

  • The SaluSpa Paris features a separate air pad cushioned floor which sits underneath the spa.
  • It has Leatheroid and puncture-resistant exterior that is made with a TriTech 3-ply reinforced material, featuring a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC, for extra strength and durability.

Lay-Z-Spa Paris has 87 air jets with the bubble jet technology of Bestway. This brand has introduced the industry’s first hot tub with real Hydro jets call Bestway Saluspa Hawaii.

  • Remote control LED light with 7 changing colors
  • Features a cushioned air pad
  • Best for 4-6 people
  • Easy to reach digital touch control panel
  • Easy to transport with side handles
  • Automatic start/stop timer
  • Comes with own spa pump
  • Comes with an insulation cover
  • Easily to drain
  • Affordable – pure value for money
  • Difficult instruction manual
  • The motor may be little bit noisy

Overall this is the best inflatable hot tub with the underwater LED light show, rapid heating, you can freely consider this hot tub in 2020.

9. Goplus 4-6 Person Portable Outdoor Spa: Best small inflatable hot tub

This Goplus portable spa has some of the quality features that make this unit an excellent spa. That’s why we include this spa in our best inflatable hot tub list. Let’s move forward to each specification of Goplus inflatable hot tub:

  • Rapid Heating
  • Bubble Massage Function
  • Easy to Carrying & Clean
  • Efficient Filtration
  • 130 Bubble Jets
  • Strong Spa Frame
Goplus 4-6 Person Outdoor Spa
380+ Consumer Reprots

The Goplus Portable Hot Tub features 130 bubble jets, highly powered and ready to kick out your stress away. The bubble massage function of the Goplus Inflatable hot tub is useful for those who have muscle pain and restless sleep.

  • The main motive of this spa when it was developed is to relieve pain in muscles and joints.

It features an easy-to-operate digital control panel, you can choose your favorite mode easily without exiting the tub. Providing you a better and comfortable using experience.

  • Goplus claims they use high-quality PVC material, in combination with the sturdy frame, for their spa to make them last longer than other options in the market.
Features of Goplus 4-6 Person Portable Spa

You can carry this Goplus portable spa outdoor on your vacation thanks to its portability and easy to set up nature. An insulation cover also comes with the package to protect it from retains, dust and leaves as well.

Water filtration is another concern of any hot tub, so make sure to check out the efficiency of their filtration systems. Goplus inflatable hot tub can also be used indoor or outdoor.

  • Bubble Massage Function
  • Rapid Heating technology.
  • Easy to Carry
  • Strong Frame made with high-quality PVC material.
  • Easy to Clean
  • Wear-resistant Material
  • Best choice for people with joint or muscle pain
  • The draining hose bit too short.
  • The Instruction manual is not clear which not a concern

So here is the Goplus corp reviews of inflatable hot tub spa overview.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

  • Size Selection: An inflatable hot tub’s size is the main factor you have to pay attention to when you select a hot tub for you. When you select the size keep in mind all these things: bigger the size, more cost you, not only on the product price but also your water and electricity bills so go for the right size that suits you.
  • Jets: What type of jets you want either Airjets or water jets make sure before you place the order of your inflatable hot tub. Check the quantity of jets.
  • Build Quality: Build quality is an important factor because it ensures for how much your hot tub would last. Before making your final decision be sure with your hot tub build material. Best and long-lasting material is PVC and Vinyl so make sure to check these materials in your hot tub.
  • Extras & Accessories: What accessories are your priority and you need most, check all those accessories in your inflatable hot tub Package. All Inflatable hot tub we review in our post comes with their accessories. Go and check out which hot tub comes with maximum accessories and make your purchase with that.

Check out our detailed post on Hot Tub Buying Guide Here.

Types of jets in hot tub

This is the feature of any hot tub that turns an inflatable hot tub into a spa massage tub. You should have to pay attention to jets whenever you make a purchase of a hot tub. There are two different types of Jets comes in Inflatable hot tubs:

  • AirJets/ Bubble Jets.
  • Water jets or Hydro jets.

Let’s talk about one by one:

Air Jets Or Bubble Jets

Air jets Or bubble jets are very common in inflatable hot tubs because they are very cheaper to the manufacturer. But these type of jets gives amazing water therapy to your body.

Air jets work with the help of an air pump which is come with inflatable hot tub, the air is pushing through a hose into a ring on the floor with holes in it. As a result, it blows and produces bubbles in the water which called bubble jets or air jets.

Here is some advantages and downside of Air Jets or Bubble Jets in inflatable hot tubs:

Provide a Satisfying experience.The blower can be loud.
Comes in a budget hot tubThey cool the water pretty quickly.
Advantages and Downside of air jets

Water Jets Or Hydro Jets

Water Jets or Hydro jets are originally traditional types of jets. Hydro jets need a more powerful water pump or a high-quality water pump for pumping for jets.

These Jets are commonly used in expensive built-in hot tubs because of their expensiveness to the manufacturer. Water jet applies direct pressure to an actual pressure point on your body.

Hydro jets are rarely used in Inflatable hot tub luckily today we have an Inflatable hot tub with an actual water jet which is Bestway Saluspa Hawaii check it out.

Water jets are the best choice for relieving sore muscles figure out in this study here.

Here is some Advantages and Downsides of Hydro jets or Water Jets in Hot tub:

Real hydro massage experienceDouble Expensive to inflatable hot tub
Less noisy JetsMostly Comes in expensive built-in hot tubs
No heat losses
Advantages and Downsides of water jets

Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

Here are the top 10 accessories of hot tub you can use these accessories with your Inflatable Spa:

  • Things Holder Tray: With the help of Holder tray you can hold sunglasses, sunscreen, and any other items you want to keep close during your hot tub excursion.
  • Spa Step: This Spa steps Make it easy to get inside the hot tub without any struggle to climb on hot tub walls.
  • PureSpa Spa Seat: Hot tub seat will make you more comfortable with your hot tub in sitting position.
  • Music System: You should definitely have a music system to enhance your hot tub fun. With the help of a music system, connect your phone via Bluetooth and play music through speakers, or chat with your friends on the phone.
  • LED Floating Light: Just imagine if you can change the light according to your mood in hot tub what a great thing it could be. Some Inflatable hot tub has built-in LED light but some don’t have. If your hot tub doesn’t have built-in led you can buy light from outside. In our best inflatable hot tub list, we have one hot tub that has a built-in LED light show name Saluspa Paris Air-jet to check it out here.
Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories
Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories
  • Scumbugs: Scumbugs are little sponges these sponges will help to keep your hot tub water clean. It floats on top of the water and collects body oils, suntan lotion, and sweat.
  • Spa Vacuum: You will always need a spa vacuum to clean your hot tub it will always prove helpful to you.
  • Filter Cartridge Cleaner Comb: To keep your hot tub water clean you have to clean the filter cartridges on a regular basis. This will make easier to clean the filter cartridges.
  • Weighted Hot Tub Pillow: These hot tub pillows are great because once in place they will stay hard, so you don’t have to adjust them anymore. This pillow is made with a counterweight on the side that hangs over the side of the hot tub which is what allows it to stay in place.
  • Test Strips: For perfectly checking water cleanness level you need a Poolmaster 4-Way Test Strips to ensure the water PH level and all that.

You can buy all these Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories from the local market or online sources like Amazon or Walmart.

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It?

Our HotTubWIki’s team has briefly analyzed so many hot tub manufacturing companies to find Are Inflatable Hot Tub Worth it? Find out what we get from them:

Inflatable hot tubs Value
Are Inflatable hot tub Worth it

4 Things That Makes An Inflatable Hot Tub Worth It.

  • Easy To Pack Up And Store: All inflatable hot tubs are a super convenient thing because after using it you can easily pack your hot tub in a box or carry bag which comes with an inflatable hot tub. And also all they are easy to store. All inflatable hot tubs are mentioned in this post have easy to pack and store nature.
  • Durable: Most of the hot tubs are made with “I-beam” construction or hard PVC material that makes them durable. Even an adult can sit on their sidewall.
  • Comfortable: Inflatable hot tubs are as comfortable as the real Inflatable Jacuzzi but in a few hundreds of dollars instead of thousands of dollars.
  • Hydrotherapy: One more awesome advantage of an inflatable hot tub is it provides you water therapy. For stay, fit Medical professionals and therapists actually recommend hydrotherapy for good health.

Know more about Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It?

Inflatable Hot Tub Electric Bill

This is a fact that when you own a hot tub you will see a rise in your inflatable hot tub electric bill because of its 1200 volts heater and a pump.

The rise of hot tub electric bill depends on the following factors:

  • Outside Conditions: Weather, Shed,
  • Your Hot Tub Size: What size you have?
  • Using Frequently: How frequently you use your inflatable hot tub?
Inflatable Hot Tub Electricity Uses
Inflatable Hot Tub Electric Bill

How To Reduce Portable Hot Tub Electric Bill

Apply these things and you will see your electric bill is reducing day by day:

  • Temperature Setting: Set the temperature you are suitable for don’t set the temp 104F degrees if you are suitable with 100F degrees.
  • Water Cleaning: You should have to pay attention to water cleanness for water cleaning you can use Chemicals. So you don’t have to change the water on a regular basis.
  • Water Filling: Fill your spa with warm water to avoid heating costs.
  • Insulation Mat: For inflatable hot tub insulation you can use insulation mat this mat prevents the water to cool rapidly again this will save the heating costs.
  • Use Cover: Keeping your hot tub covered is very important in many terms like it will prevent from outside dust and garbage, and it maintains the water temperature.


How to Drain an Intex Inflatable Hot Tub?

Follow these steps to drain your Intex inflatable hot tub easily:

  • Connect the garden hose to Intex hot tub draining point. And wait for the water to completely drain out.
  • Disconnect hot tub from the garden hose.
  • Clean your Intex hot tub from the help of Spa Vacuum and Pack it. That’s it!

How to Treat Water in an Inflatable Hot Tub?

You can treat water in an inflatable hot tub by chlorine tablets and other hot tub chemicals. This will protect your body from dangerous bacteria such as legionella can’t flourish.

How does an inflatable hot tub work?

Inflatable hot tub works the same way as a real hot tub. A built-in heater heats the water, water temperature, and many models feature extras such as bubble jets control by a digital control panel.

An air pump produces air bubbles for air jets and in hydro jets hot tub a water pump produces high-pressure water for jets.

Where can I set up an inflatable hot tub?

You can set your inflatable Jacuzzi either Indoor or outdoor in both areas. But be sure to check the palace suitability for your hot tub before installing it anywhere. like plain surface and all that.

Can I leave an inflatable hot tub outside?

If the outside temperature of your area is below 40F you can’t leave it outside because this cold weather can damage your inflatable hot tub heater permanently. But you can leave hot tub outside if the outside temperature above 40F.

Are there seats available with Inflatable Hot Tubs?

Usually, hot tub manufacturer does not provide seats with a hot tub but some of the high-quality hot tubs come with seats. Fortunately, we have reviewed one inflatable hot tub in our article which comes with seats hope you have read that. In case you don’t read you can check it out here Intex pure spa 6 person.

How much an inflatable hot tub can increase electric bill?

Rise of electricity bill depends on various things such as temperature to which you heat the hot tub, price of unit per kilowatt-hour and how often you use the hot tub.

Most of the hot tub owner says in our survey they are getting a $23 increase in the bill every month.

For more information, we have answered 20 most common frequently asked questions in our FAQs post.

Hot Tub Wiki’s Overview

An inflatable hot tub is a great option for those who always want to own a hot tub but their budget didn’t allow them. But now they can own an Inflatable hot tub in their budget. Trust me, an inflatable hot tub gives you the same experience as a traditional hot tub gives.

The best inflatable hot tub always lets you take your tub wherever you go this is the best part of any portable hot tub.

  • All the inflatable hot tub we have reviewed in our post above all models are efficient, affordable and durable. With the proper care and maintenance, any inflatable hot tub can last you years.

So we are almost set! for now, all you have to do is select your desired inflatable hot tub that fulfills all your need and make your purchase. And enjoy your hot tub as early as the next day.

Last Words

I hope this Inflatable hot tub review guide was helpful in finding the best portable hot tub that fills your needs. If you still have concerns, questions or suggestions about any of these Inflatable hot tubs or any other topic feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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